I draw abstract black and white pieces, using brush pen, sumi brush, sharpies, and some other stuff, on paper. I often invert the digital. 



I design custom art wraps (below) and commercial wraps (cannot be shown yet) for premiums ultralight UD carbon-fiber hockey sticks from XIFOS, a Toronto-based custom hockey stick company. 

3D Art

I use Blender for various 3D art projects.



Zero Infinity 3D Ltd. (ZI3D)

Zero Infinity 3D (ZI3D) is my 3D and motion graphics studio startup. One of my main products is photorealistic replicas of Toronto disc golf courses, including Dentonia Park, Scarlett Woods, Ashbridges Bay, and Marilyn Bell. 


I produce electronic music. Synth. Techno. Acid. Horror. Industrial. Atmospheric.


Self taught, I use Ableton and VCV Rack 2 among other smaller tools. I have recently begun incorporating live recordings of guitar and bass with fellow artist Ryan Van Steenburgh ("RVS-TWO"). I'm Inspired by Aphex Twin, Mort Garson, Orbital, Lorn, Blawan, KAS:ST, I Hate Models, NIN, Nguzunguzu, Goldie, Commix, Dom & Roland, DJ Krust, Bonobo, Kid Loco, Glen Porter, Clipping., Photek, and many others.

I post everything in SoundCloud

I'm slowly getting onto other main streaming platforms